My name is Ionathan Lazovski.

I was born in Israel on May 1983 to a South-American family of inmigrants. Art and Design were always part of the family spirit.

From Graphic Design to Expressive - Abstract Art, from Sculpturing to Carpentry. 


I believe  the algorithmic approach is the key for the next step within Art and Design. Our world is governed by different Algorithms who change the way we perceive reality, why shouldn't we try to express ourselves in the same method?


The works of Art presented on this website, are an outcome of a long process of defining the soft parameters from the rigid ones. Extracting the values to which an Artwork should obey.

All works are printed in state-of-the-art machinery who is capable of translating virtual - encoded emotion into physical matter.



Ph.D Candidate Architeture and town planing faculty, Technion.

M.Des Integrated Design. Holon Institute of Technology.

B.Des ISE. Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.



Co-Founder of ParaGroup.

Lecturer at Architeture and town planing faculty, Technion.

Lecturer at Holon Institute of Technology, Faculty of Design.

Head of "The Human Parameter" initiative. 



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